The 9th World Students GO OZA Championship
Mar.1-2 2011 Ginza Internet Forum (Tokyo)
[The Final Game]
Black : Song Yeseul [Korea]  vs   White : Ham Youngwoo [Korea]
**13:00 on 2nd March, (JPN Time)**
[ 1-178 White won by resign ]
15Ham Youngwoo [Korea]111364
23Yang Po Chun [Chinese Taipei]1025113
32Wang Zhuo [China]938153
46Song Yeseul [Korea]1481553
51Zhao Wei [China]751293
611Mitic Nikola [Serbia]5131632
78Xiang Zhang [Singapore]1662122
89Jan Simara [Czech Republic]210412
915Taniguchi Yohei [Japan]1312622
1016Sekine Reiko [Japan]814132
114Pan Ning [Chinese Taipei]257142
1212Zhan Yue [U.S.A]415181
1313Leonardo Avelio [Chile]151110161
1414Jimmy Yuan [New Zealand]616741
1510Dubiel Marika [Poland]391371
167Arundina Miranti [Indonesia]1414100
4th Round [2nd March 2011]
Zhao Wei [China] 3-1  1-254 White won by resign  Jan Simara
[Czech Republic]
Wang Zhuo [China] 3-1  1-280 White won by resign  Taniguchi Yohei [Japan] 2-2
Yang Po Chun [Chinese Taipei] 3-1  1-202 White won by resign  Mitic Nikola [Serbia] 2-2
Pan Ning [Chinese Taipei] 2-2  1-137 Black won by resign  Jimmy Yuan [New Zealand] 1-3
Ham Youngwoo [Korea] 4-0  1-178 White won by resign  Song Yeseul [Korea] 3-1
Dubiel Marika [Poland] 1-3  1-184 Black won by 3.5  Arundina Miranti [Indonesia] 0-4
Sekine Reiko [Japan] 2-2  1-188 White won by resign  Leonardo Avelio [Chile] 1-3
Xiang Zhang [Singapore] 2-2  1-223 Black won by resign  Zhan Yue [U.S.A] 1-3
3rd Round [2nd March 2011]
Zhao Wei [China] 2-1  1-176 White won by resign  Zhan Yue [U.S.A] 1-2
Wang Zhuo [China] 2-1  1-220 White won by resign   Xiang Zhang [Singapore] 1-2
Ham Youngwoo [Korea] 3-0  1-167 Black won by resign   Yang Po Chun [Chinese Taipei] 2-1
Jan Simara
[Czech Republic]
2-1  1-289  Black won by 2.5   Pan Ning [Chinese Taipei] 1-2
Song Yeseul [Korea] 3-0  1-212 White won by resign   Taniguchi Yohei [Japan] 2-1
Jimmy Yuan [New Zealand] 1-2  1-292  Black won by 36.5  Arundina Miranti [Indonesia] 0-3
Mitic Nikola [Serbia] 2-1  1-260  White won by 5.5  Sekine Reiko [Japan] 1-2
Leonardo Avelio [Chile] 1-2  1-320  Black won by 21.5  Dubiel Marika [Poland] 0-3
2nd Round [1st March 2011]
Ham Youngwoo [Korea] 2-0 1-258  Black won by resign  Zhao Wei [China] 1-1
Yang Po Chun[Chinese Taipei] 2-0 1-164  White won by 4.5  Wang Zhuo [China] 1-1
Pan Ning [Chinese Taipei] 1-1 1-167  Black won by resign  Arundina Miranti [Indonesia] 0-2
Song Ye seul [Korea] 2-0 1-179  Black won by resign  Xiang Zhang[Singapore] 1-1
Jan Simara [Czech Republic] 1-1 1-293  Black won by 37.5  Dubiel Marika[Poland] 0-2
Mitic Nikola [Serbia] 1-1 1-114  White won by resign  Leonardo Avelio [Chile] 0-2
Yohei Taniguchi [Japan] 2-0 1-120  White won by resign  Zhang Yue [U.S.A] 1-1
Reiko Sekine [Japan] 1-1 1-134  White won by resign  Jimmy Yuan [New Zealand] 0-2
1st Round [1st March 2011]
Yang Po Chun[Chinese Taipei] 1-0 1-176 White won by resign Dubiel Marika[Poland] 0-1
Zhang Yue [U.S.A] 1-0 1-197 Black won by resign Pan Ning [Chinese Taipei] 0-1
Yohei Taniguchi [Japan]1-0 1-203 Black won by resign Leonardo Avelio [Chile]  0-1
Xiang Zhang[Singapore] 1-0 1-227 Black won by resign Reiko Sekine [Japan] 0-1
Zhao Wei [China] 1-0 1-115 Black won by resign Arundina Miranti [Indonesia] 0-1
Wang Zhuo [China]1-0 1-153 Black won by resign Jan Simara [Czech Republic]0-1
Ham Youngwoo [Korea]1-0 1-101 Black won by resign Mitic Nikola [Serbia]0-1
Song Ye seul [Korea] 1-0 1-163 White won by resign Jimmy Yuan [New Zealand] 0-1

Participation player
JapanYohei TaniguchiReiko Sekine *
ChinaZhao WeiWang Zhuo *
Chinese TaipeiYang Po ChunPan Ning *
KoreaHam Youngwoo Song Ye seul *
Other AsianIndonesiaArundina Miranti *
SingaporeXiang Zxang
EuropeSerbiaMitic Nikola
Czech RepublicJan Simara
PolandDubiel Marika *
North, Central &
South America
ChileLeonardo Avelio
U.S.AZhang Yue
OceaniaNew ZealandJimmy Yuan
* = Woman
What is The World Students GO OZA Championship?
The World Students GO OZA Championship is a championship in which 16 students chosen from various countries around the world, including from Asia, compete. It was founded in 2003, and the 9th championship will be held in March 2011. Not only the players but also the organizers are students: it’s an international championship run by students for students.

This championship is held not only to decide the world’s number one student player but also to promote exchange among Go-playing students around the world. Besides the Go competition, sightseeing events are also organized for the participants.

Until the 7th championship, the players were chosen by recommendation by their national Go associations, but as of the 8th championship preliminary championships are being held on the Internet with the cooperation of Pandanet Inc. Changing the selection method in this way means that more students can participate, so in 2011 we can expect a high-level championship with many strong players from around the world competing.

Takuro Enomoto, Representative Manager, The All-Japan Students GO Association

Championship outline
[ Name ] The 9th World Students GO OZA Championship
[ Organizer ] The All-Japan Students GO Association / NIHON KEIZAI SHIMBUN INC. / PANDANET INC.
[ Cooperation ] The International GO Federation / The Nihon Ki-in

[ Date ] 28 February - 4 March 2011
(28 February: Reception / 2 March: Rounds 1 & 2 / 2 March: Rounds 3 & 4 / 3 March: Tokyo sightseeing / 4 March: End of official schedule)

[ Venue] Ginza Internet Forum (Tokyo, Japan)
[ Championship format ] Face-to-face games, Swiss system.

[ Number of games ] 4
[ Number of players ] 16
(Japan 2, China 2, Chinese Taipei 2, Korea 2, other Asian countries 2, Europe 3, North, Central & South America 2, Oceania & Africa 1)
Participating areas Notes
Chinese Taipeimale1female1
Other Asian2*2
North, Central & South America2
Oceania & Africa1
*1 The Japanese representatives will be the winner of the domestic 9th All Japan Students Oza championship and the highest-placed female player.
*2 When the representatives are from the same country, the highest-placed player from another country will be chosen.
However, no change will be made if male and female players from the same country are chosen (because one of the objectives of this championship is to promote exchange among students).
●When the player who has acquired the right to be the representative becomes unable to play, the next-ranked player will take his or her place.
●In areas where the players are divided into male and female, separate championships will be held for males and females.
●The preliminaries in each area will be based upon a first qualifying round (free games) and a second qualifying round (tournament) to choose the participants.
●In principle, the number of players to advance to the main championship will be 16, but the allowance for each area may vary according to the number of participants.

championship rules: Both preliminaries and the main championship are to use Japanese rules. The time allowance is 60 minutes, followed by 30-second byo-yomi. All games are to be played on even. In the preliminaries, the colours will be chosen by computer and by nigiri in the main championship.

[ First qualifying round (free games) ]
Games will be held in a designated game room where the players can play freely, with at least five games to be played within the designated period (no one can play the same opponents twice). The order will be decided by the methods given below.
1.Points will be calculated by the following methods, and the players will finish in the order of their points.
Points = winning percentage (games won / number of games) + number of wins by 0.02.
2.When the players have the same number of points, the player with more wins will be placed higher.
3.If there is still a tie, the player with the higher SOS (sum of opponents’ scores) will be placed higher.
4.If there is still a tie, the players will be given the same place.

[ Second qualifying round (tournament) ]
Qualifiers in first qualifying round are set in tournament. Games are held in a designated game room of Pandanet on determined time and date. Qualifiers in second qualifying round can participate in main championship.

[ Championship deadlines ]
Applications : 12 ~ 25 November 2010
Preliminaries 1 : 1 ~ 10 December 2010
Preliminaries 2 : 18 ~ 19 December 2010
Main championship : 28 February ~ 4 March 2011

[ Qualifications for participants ]
·Being an amateur player.
·Being a university / college student under the age of 30.
·Being able to use Pandanet to participate in the preliminaries.
·Being able to communicate in English by E-mail.
·Being able to come to Japan in early March to participate in the main championship.

[ Points to note and manners ]
·Games to be played in the established game room of Pandanet.
·Games must all be played by the player concerned in person, and no advice concerning the game should be given. If a breach of the rules is later discovered, such as a different player playing or advice being given, the game may be confiscated and, in the worst case, the player concerned may be stripped of the right to play in the championship.
·In principle, games are to be played at home. The championship office at The All-Japan Students GO Association will carry out a survey of access, so please inform us if you will be playing at a go club or surrounded by a group of people.
·Proper greetings should be made at the beginning and end of games. Also, slandering the opponent is expressly forbidden. If something happens, please inform the championship office.
·If a bad breach of manners or a violation has been detected, disqualification is possible even after the result of the game has been confirmed.
·If an objection is lodged, it will be adjudicated at a conference at the championship office in The All-Japan Students GO Association.

·If you have any questions, please e-mail to