The 17th World Students GO OZA Championship
The 18th World Students GO OZA Championship
Feb.18-19 2020 Pandanet Internet Forum (Tokyo)
The 18th World Students GO OZA Championship has been canceled due to the coronavirus concerns

We were planning to hold the 18th World Student GO Oza Championship,but because of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, several students from overseas are not able to participate in the tournament. Also the number of people with the virus is increasing in Japan; we decided to cancel the tournament. We appreciate your understanding.

The All-Japan Students GO Association
1Cheng Shijiao
[ China ]
- - - -
2Peng Leyi
[ China ]
- - - -
3Lee Jaejung
[ Korea ]
- - - -
4 Hong Jully
[ Korea ]
- - - -
5Chen Yen-Ju
[ Chinese Taipei ]
- - - -
6Lin Hsiao-Tung
[ Chinese Taipei ]
- - - -
7Tran Phuoc Dinh
[ Vietnam ]
- - - -
8Dong Jiajie
[ Singapore ]
- - - -
9Jie Hui Kwa
[ America ]
- - - -
10Pabro Enrique Cardenas
[ Ecuador ]
- - - -
11Razvan Constantin Andrei
[ Denmark ]
- - - -
12Viacheslav Kaymin
[ Russia ]
- - - -
13Adriana Tomsu
[ Czech ]
- - - -
14Hantao Huang
[ Australia ]
- - - -
15Ishida Taro
[ Japan ]
- - - -
16Tsuji Moeka
[ Japan ]
- - - -

China Cheng Shijiao Peng Leyi *
Korea Lee Jaejung Hong Jully *
Chinese Taipei Chen Yen-Ju Lin Hsiao-Tung *
Other Asian Vietnam Tran Phuoc Dinh
Singapore Dong Jiajie
North, Central &
South America
AmericaJie Hui Kwa
Ecuador Pabro Enrique Cardenas
Europe Denmark Razvan Constantin Andrei
Russia Viacheslav Kaymin
Czech Adriana Tomsu *
Oceania Australia Hantao Huang
Japan Ishida Taro Tsuji Moeka *
* = Woman
Entry Form Closed.
What is The World Students GO OZA Championship?
The World Students GO OZA Championship is a championship in which 16 students chosen from various countries around the world, including from Asia, compete. It was founded in 2003, and the 18th championship will be held in February 2020. Not only the players but also the organizers are students: it's an international championship run by students for students.

This championship is held not only to decide the world's number one student player but also to promote exchange among Go-playing students around the world. Besides the Go competition, sightseeing events are also organized for the participants.

Until the 7th championship, the players were chosen by recommendation by their national Go associations, but as of the 8th championship, preliminary championships are being held on the Internet with the cooperation of Pandanet Inc. Changing the selection method in this way means that more students can participate, so we can expect a high-level championship with many strong players from around the world competing.

Naoto Inomata, Chief Secretary,
The All-Japan Students GO Association

Photos from The World Students GO OZA Championship
Championship outline
[ Name ] The 18th World Students GO OZA Championship
[ Organizer ] The All-Japan Students GO Association / Nikkei Inc. / PANDANET INC.
[ Cooperation ] The Nihon Ki-in / The International Go Federation

[ Date ] 17 February - 21 February 2020
(17 February: Reception / 18 February: Rounds 1 & 2 / 19 February: Rounds 3 & 4 / 20 February: Tokyo sightseeing / 21 February: End of official schedule)

[ Venue] Pandanet Internet Forum (Tokyo, Japan)
[ Championship format ] Face-to-face games, Swiss system.

[ Number of games ] 4
[ Number of players ] 16
(Japan 2, China 2, Chinese Taipei 2, Korea 2, Other Asian countries 2, Europe 3, North, Central & South America 2, Oceania & Africa 1)
Participating Countries & Regions Number of players Notes
Male Female
China 1 1
Korea 1 1
Chinese Taipei 1 1
Other Asian 2 *2
Europe 2 1
North, Central &
South America
Oceania & Africa 1
Japan 1 1 *1
*1 The Japanese representatives will be the highest-placed male player and female player in the 18th All-Japan Student Oza Tournament. However, if there are a number of players with the same score, places will be decided by the method described below.
1.When there are a number of players with the same place in the Main Tournament Net games
・The representatives will be decided by games between the players concerned on the same day or on a later date
2.When there are a number of players with the same place in face-to-face games in the Main Tournament
・The representatives will be decided by games played between the players concerned in the same venue.
*2 When the representatives are from the same country, the highest-placed player from another country will be chosen.
However, no change will be made if male and female players from the same country are chosen (because one of the objectives of this championship is to promote exchange among students).
●When the player who has acquired the right to be the representative becomes unable to play, the next-ranked player will take his or her place.
●In areas where the players are divided into male and female, separate championships will be held for males and females.
●Representatives will be decided by qualifying tournaments in each zone.
●In principle, the number of players to advance to the main championship will be 16, but the allowance for each area may vary according to the number of participants.

[ Championship rules ]
Both Preliminary rounds and the Main championship are to use Japanese rules.
All games to be played on even, with Black giving a komi of 6½ points.

1.Preliminary rounds
The colours will be chosen by computer.
The time allowance is 90 minutes. If you run out of time, you lose.

2.Main Championship
The colours will be chosen by nigiri.
The time allowance is 60 minutes, followed by 30-second byo-yomi.

[ Preliminary round (tournament) ]
Games are held in a designated game room of Pandanet at a predetermined time and date. Qualifiers in Preliminary round can participate in main championship.

[ Schedule ]
Applications : 30 August - 25 October 2019
Preliminary round : 3 November 2019
Main championship : 18 February - 19 February 2020
(Japan Time [UTC+9])

[ Qualifications for participants ]
·Being an amateur player
·Participants must be enrolled at a university or college as of February 2020.
·Being an undergraduate under the age of 30. (Doctoral students and master's students can't participate.)
·Being able to use Pandanet to participate in the preliminary round
·Being able to communicate in English by E-mail
·Persons who will be able to take part in the World Students GO OZA Championship held in Japan in late February. Players should arrive in Japan on February 17 and leave on February 21. The championship is held on the 18th and the 19th. Accommodation and round-trip ticket will be covered by the organizers.

[ Points to note and manners ]
·The country and zone of registration will be those in which the university is located. You are required to show your student identification when you become the representative.
  (Example: If you go to a university in Japan, you will be the Japanese representative even if you have Korean nationality.)
·Games to be played in the predetermined game room of Pandanet.
·Games must all be played by the player concerned in person, and no advice concerning the game should be given. If a breach of the rules is later discovered, such as a different player playing or advice being given, the game may be nullified and, in the worst case, the player concerned may be stripped of the right to play in the championship.
·In principle, games are to be played at home. The championship office at The All-Japan Students GO Association will carry out a survey of access, so please inform us if you will be playing at a go club or surrounded by a group of people.
·Proper greetings should be made at the beginning and end of games. Also, slandering the opponent is expressly forbidden. If something happens, please inform the championship office.
·If a bad breach of manners or a violation has been detected, disqualification is possible even after the result of the game has been confirmed.
·If it is confirmed that a player has made use of AI or other go-playing software during the tournament, the player will be disqualified. The player may also be forbidden to play in any tournament organized by the All-Japan Student Go Federation.
·If an objection is lodged, it will be adjudicated at a conference at the championship office in The All-Japan Students GO Association.

·If you have any questions, please e-mail to the following email addresses.